Galleri 1.










It takes two to tango  70x180  with silver and gold







White pearls 60x80 with silver & gold 







Phoenix - A new day, New beginning,  Enjoy it   90x70  with gold







The only thing constant in live is change  70x90 with gold







Take care of Nature/Time flies  70x90 with gold







 Take care of Nature - Global heating  100x100







Take care of Nature/Happy times 50x60 with gold







Take care of Nature/ Wonder is the beginning of wisdom

50x50 with gold







Take care of Nature/Enjoy the silence  40x50 with gold







Take care of Nature/Golden leaves  30x40 with gold







Golden flower  20x60 with gold







Take care of Nature/Happy times 3x 30x30 with gold



Take cae of Nature/Happy times  2x 20x60







One way  20x60







The bird  25x50







Take care of nature / Oxygen - Save the trees  80x60







Take care of Nature/ Attention - Ozone - Meltdown at Antarctic 70x60







God only knows 70x60







Hot Chili 70x60







Enjoy your day/ Panda 70x90







Enjoy your day/ Black & White 50x50







Enjoy your day  50x50







Enjoy your day  90x70







Puerto Rico 100x100







Puerto Rico  100x100







New York 80x80







Global heating / Santa's Country 100x100 with silver







Global heating 1







Take care of Nature/ Golden History 100x100 with gold







Global heating 2







The woman with the eggs on the head 60x90 with silver







Green spots 60x80 with silver







Vinter  90x70







Take care of Nature/A lot of yellow with Bamboo Trutti frutti  80x100







Take care of Nature/Blue Happiness 80x100







Take care of Nature/Red Happiness 80x100







Somewhere 60x80







Take care of Nature/A lot of nature 70x90







Take care of Nature/Walking on the beach 70x90







Fantasy is everything







New Year  60x73








Humility, Love and Respect 















Growing 70x90







Autumn  60x73







Crete, Knossos














Birdie Nam Nam







Happy Bird  60x80







Wish it, Dream it, Do it 






Bella Donna












Spring in Tokyo  25x50





Autumm - 30x40







Take care of nature  90x30








Vinter roser   2x30x30







Take care of Nature/ Hope  40x120






Udsalgskų  41x33






Flamingo 33x41













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Guest exhibist: Annelise Bekkar


The tree of wisdom  60x50







The desire for love  50x70







Paris  60x60







Aeshna cyanea 60x60







Miss Daniels 80x60 







Purple visions  50x70








Happy flowers  40x50








Fantasy  30x40









Valmuer  30x70









Windy blue flowers  30x40








White poppies  2x15x15







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